2016 Design Trend: Inside-Out

Current home designs blur the line between traditional indoor functionality and outdoor spaces. Bringing the inside out turns seldom-used space into outdoor rooms. Think fully functional kitchens, living rooms with televisions and luxury finishes—chandeliers, padded furnishings and tile flooring in wood plank, stone and marble finishes—all outdoors. How about outdoor office environments?

According to the USGBC, people in the US spend 90% of their time indoors. It’s not a big leap to believe much of that time is spent working. While many commercial spaces have long had outside spaces for employees to eat or walk, these same spaces are now viewed in a different light—potential inside out work-spaces. With the boost from technology, we are no longer tied to a desk space. Effectively converting outdoor space to a fully functioning inside out work-space is a hot topic and the design choices for these work-spaces are as unlimited as the outdoors itself.

…people in the US spend 90% of their time indoors.

Whether developing a standalone design or a continuation of indoor space, choosing the right flooring surface is a first critical step to the project success. Think of the flexibility tile could bring to your project.

Here’s where System L2, the 20 mm (0.039″) thick ceramic tile collection by Lea Ceramiche, comes in. Looks range from stone and cement effects to more natural solutions in wood-like finishes. System L2 offers a vast range of laying solutions: dry on grass, sand and gravel; with adhesive on traditional screed, and on raised floors. The result is an excellent solution for endless outdoor applications.

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