Bold Branding with Tile

What exactly is a branded environment?

“In architecture and interior design, branded environments extend the experience of an organization’s brand, or distinguishing characteristics as expressed in names, symbols and designs, to the design of interior or exterior physical settings.”  –Wikipedia

We experience branded environments on a daily basis and at every level. Architects and designers today are creating unique backdrops for business by incorporating finish materials, colors, shapes, architectural elements and even fragrances that reflect the client’s identity, differentiate their products or services, and communicate key messages. LeaLab, a revolutionary digital printing technology, provides a great option for creating branded environments. LeaLab’s mission is to embrace and encourage branding creativity.

For your project the starting point is Slimtech, an ultra-slim, record size laminated stoneware by Lea Ceramiche.  Packing resistance, durability and record size slabs into a thickness of just 3.5mm (0.138”), Slimtech has revolutionized the ceramic sector in the last few years.

Thanks to LeaLab’s new digital printing technique, any high-resolution image can be reproduced in vibrant colors and high definition detail. Once the image has been printed on the Slimtech ceramic support, a water based protective layer is placed on top to preserve the image(s). The printed material is available in three different finishes:

  1. Opaca (matt)
  2. Naturale (brighter surface) and
  3. Lucinda (gloss) to further enhance the project.

Perfectly suitable for both residential and architectural projects, LeaLab’s flexibility and range of applications is endless. Yes, Slimtech tile can be used on walls, but it also can be used to cover any kind of furnishings (tables, cupboards, containers, shelves, benches). Since it is resistant to humidity, it is also ideal for bath and spa applications.

LeaLab’s digital printed material, with its weather and UV resistant colors is so hard wearing with weather it is also recommended for outdoor use as a material for creating unique ventilated walls or external insulation.

To see more projects featuring the LeaLab digital printing expertise, visit Lea Ceramiche.