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Slimtech InstallationRenovation and upgrading commercial facilities can be a huge undertaking. Customers want minimum downtime and cost. Designers and Architects need time to construct aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound solutions.In this environment, the time and money spent on demolition and replacement of flooring and wall treatments is a real frustration.There is an answer: Thin ceramic tile installed directly over existing wall and floor surfaces.

Installation of super slim porcelain tile, 3mm (0.118”) for walls, 3.5mm (0.138”) and 5 mm (0.197”) for floors, eliminates the need for demolition and debris haul away. Ceramic tile can be installed over virtually any sound, firmly fixed surface with a minimum of surface preparation. Because it’s super thin there will be minimal, if any adjustments needed for doors and windows.

Imagine quickly changing old ceramic tile floors to a sleek marble look, or changing a metal accent wall to wood – with no demolition. Porcelain tile can be used as wall cladding, completely renovating the exterior of buildings, even in harsh climates.

With the up-to-the-minute ceramic technology and record slab sizes up to 1000x3000mm (approximately 40” x 118”), the choices are endless.

When you can set aside 20 minutes, this video provides an excellent demonstration of how Slimtech tiles can be installed over existing surfaces.




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