Rainscreen System

When it’s raining and the temperature drops we grab a coat.  In summer, we seek the cooler shadows.  A rainscreen system will do the same for buildings, keep the rain out, insulate and provide shade.

The wall cladding system, standing just slightly away from the building façade, creates a ventilation area that can help manage the elements that lead to degradation including water infiltration, ultra-violet radiation, and heat transfer into and out of the building. And just like a coat, a rainscreen can completely change the look of a building.

Slimtech slabs uniquely suited for cladding projects for many reasons:

  • Full range of ceramic tile to choose from
  • Largest slab formats available today; up to 118” x 39”
  • Resistance of the colors to sunlight, chemicals, stains, pollution and temperature changes
  • Minimum water absorption and therefore high frost resistance
  • High mechanical resistance and fire-proof
  • Light and easy to install and maintain

A rainscreen system is both functional and beautiful. Slimtech slabs are not only energy efficient, but also resilient, and easy to install. More images of Slimtech rainscreen applications can be found at our Slimtech Rainscreen application project reference page.