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Framingham Logan Express Bus Terminal

Boston’s Logan Airport offers passengers full-service bus terminals for convenient transportation to and from airport terminals and locations near Boston.

This past year, the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) which owns and operates Logan airport, began work on rebuilding and expanding their bus terminal in the town of Framingham. This bustling suburb, located 20 mile west of Boston, boasts a population of nearly 70,000 and is considered the hub of the area known as MetroWest.

The space was covered with 3.5 mm thick Slimtech tile. The parties involved in the construction of the terminal were new to the technology. Massport, the construction manager, the architect and installer were all amazed at the results.

The terminal opened to the public this past July. The $33 million project, designed to provide easier access to Logan airport from the MetroWest and provide more parking, was considered a huge success.

Now that the rebuilt terminal has been open for over 3 months, we wanted to find out how Slimtech tiles were holding up in that busy location. We were pleased to have the opportunity to talk with Massport Deputy Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs, Luciana Burdi, and get some feedback.

Overall her feedback was positive. She says she likes Slimtech tiles and would use them again. She likes the “slick, modern, new, contemporary” look the large tiles bring to the building.

She commented that she likes the look of the tiles best when they are installed close together with a small grout. The tiles hold up well to the foot traffic in the busy terminal and “everyone [including passengers] loves them.”

The Logan Express Framingham Bus Terminal is located at: 11 Burr Street Extension, Framingham, MA.

The architect was DHK Architects in Boston.

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