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How to Transform Healthcare Spaces from Clinical to Livable

Healthcare infrastructures are ageing. Healthcare spaces that worked a few years ago are now out-of-date. Healthcare design is focusing on updating spaces from stark and clinical to warm and inviting as a way to encourage patient healing and welcome visitors.

Achieving these desired updates is easy with Slimtech tile. Slimtech is a versatile product that satisfies up-to-date needs and can be used in the exterior and interior of buildings. It is easy to install and fix. The large slabs are lightweight enough for easy transport, cutting and drilling due to an extraordinary thinness (3mm to 5.5mm thick). The thin slabs can be simply installed over existing surfaces, eliminating the need for disposal of old materials.

The wide range of Slimtech collections provide many options for transforming a healthcare space into a home-like environment for patients. The following Slimtech collections offer Microban

Slimtech Absolute – offers a brilliant gloss or intense matte finish, which were unavailable on porcelain tiles until a few years ago. Available in 2 colors: Total Black and Total White.

Slimtech Timeless Marble – replicates precious marble on extraordinarily thin (5.5mm thick) porcelain tile. Available in 5 colors, including the fashionable Calacatta Gold Extra and 4 sizes.

Slimtech Woodstock – available in 6 colors and 4 sizes, replicates the natural grain of wood on tile that is extraordinarily thin (5.5mm thickness).

Slimtech tiles with Microban™ can create a warm inviting environment conducive to healing while protecting against microbial growth. The technology was designed to be durable and not wear out for the useful life of the product.

At Atlantic Link we pride ourselves in offering high-end European design materials, such as Slimtech. These materials offer modern, practical design solutions for the medical community.