3D tile designed to be touched

Recently, one of the other 2016 trends we brought up was geometric tile. Geometric shapes and patterns are definitely hot. Just take a quick look around—you’ll see these shapes featured everywhere. We highlighted the bold statement, visual texture, and color that geometric tile can bring to your project.

In this high definition world the next step is 3D tile. Incorporating all the benefits of geometric patterns with the irresistible impulse to reach out and touch, 3D tile creates a true statement wall. Imagine the incredible light and texture you could bring to a boring hallway, back-splash or living room wall!

Lea Ceramiche takes ceramic tile to the 3D level creating collections only limited by your imagination. Here are a few ideas for 3D tile.

The Goccia collection, created in collaboration with Lenny Kravitz, is composed of module tiles with different concave and convex tri-dimensional shapes. Use Goccia in a single dimensional monochromatic statement in black or white or combine the graphic black and white tiles for a different statement.http://www.ceramichelea.it/en/collections/goccia/
ProgettoL14Progetto L14
Progetto L14, designed by Gianluca Soddu, shown here in mostarda transforms the traditional concept of a tile into an entirely new idea that enhances spaces with geometric lines and monochromatic surfaces. In Progetto L14, color is the dominant element that creates impressive spaces. Available in 12 colors from neutral to bright for mixing and matching or using alone.http://www.ceramichelea.it/en/collections/progetto-l14/
The unique Kensington collection features a chromatic palette of 7 soft colors, unique shapes and sizes for freedom of design. The centerpiece is a diamond pattern in relief to accent your installation. Make a bold geometric statement.http://www.ceramichelea.it/en/collections/kensington/