At Atlantic Link we are basically a liaison between you and our suppliers. We help you find the best building materials and products for your projects and source them for you in Italy. But how can we guarantee your satisfaction as our partner? The basic answer is simple: we don’t work with just anybody. We go through extensive research before adding a new supplier to our brand portfolio. Here are the three things we look for:

    1. Quality
    2. Innovation and Technology
    3. Craftsmanship

1. Quality 

One of the most important things that we look for when choosing suppliers is quality, and high quality at that. Our standards for quality are very high and we are dedicated to work with the top companies in the industry. This might seem like a no-brainer, but to us, it’s the foundation of our entire business. The reality is, being from Italy is the bare minimum requirement and we aren’t satisfied with doing the bare minimum. At Atlantic Link, we never sacrifice quality for profit. 

Finding that sweet balance is where we spend our time. We want to work with suppliers that take great care in what they are producing, while keeping prices fair. A good value for money is what’s going to make you and your clients happy. We spend the time sifting through the hundreds of suppliers in the country to bring you those that are worthy of your business. 

“I can’t ignore… good quality selection… We are a team together. If you compromise on good quality and reasonable prices, it won’t work. If I can’t represent your material well and introduce it well to the market, it won’t work. I think we complete each other. We are a good team.”

Ertan T.

General Manager, Major Stone and Tile Distributor

2. Innovation and Technology 

Offering unique ideas and out-of-the-box thinking is what Atlantic Link is all about. No idea is too big, no scope too wide. We like to defy the way things have always been done to find new ways of designing and building. This is, after all, the Italian way! That’s why when choosing suppliers, we want to work with those who aren’t afraid to push the envelope, who listen to ideas and say “Yes!” instead of “That’s not the way things are done”.

“The overall experience of these products has been pretty positive… It’s a floating floor… It’s very easy to install… It’s very quick; we pretty much did this 5,000 sq. ft. showroom in less than 3 days.”

Carlo P.

4 Mori Construction

3. Craftsmanship

We could say that on the opposite side of the “innovation and technology” spectrum is tradition and craftsmanship. If innovation is about saying “yes!” and always looking forward, craftsmanship is about honoring the way things have always been done. When it comes to materials like marble, stone, porcelain and terracotta, Italy is full of traditions, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.  

The artisans, with the handmade methods that have been passed down from generations, are the ones that keep us tied to our heritage. They are also the ones that keep Italian goods unique and special. After all, the reason Italian terracotta is worth more than other types is also the history behind it. 

These three things, when tied together, are what make Atlantic Link special. Our suppliers are artisans with one foot placed firmly in the past and the other in the future who care deeply about the quality of what they are producing. It’s our way of guaranteeing the outcomes that we promise with our materials. 

“Giorgio matched flooring that had been custom made for and installed by the building developer a handful of years ago.

…the floors are a perfect match.”

Jessica M.

Project Manager, NYC Construction Company

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