4 Ways Healthcare Design Can Welcome Patients

In today’s healthcare environments, successful healthcare design requires meeting the conflicting demands of diverse customers. Caregivers, patients and guests want a “home away from home” atmosphere that is welcoming and comforting. These demands are in conflict with the functional demands of these spaces. Requirements of surgeries, pharmacies, medical offices, even kitchens are exacting and highly regulated. How do you develop a cohesive design?

The top healthcare design trends in today’s environments attempt to address the following demands:

1) Warmth and Nature

Rather than stark clinical interiors, warm waiting areas and patient zones create an overall functional, aesthetic environment. Integrating nature into the design facilitates a healing, relaxing atmosphere to healthcare consumers and healthcare workers.

2) Updated Form and Function

Hospital and medical or dental offices are where most people feel vulnerable. Up to date infrastructure can reinforce trust and confidence in health care consumers.

3) Cleanliness and Sanitation

By prioritizing sanitation, cleanliness and maintenance through design, i.e. rounded corners, clean lines and high performance surfaces, designers support infection control in public areas, patient areas, and sterile environments found in any healthcare facilities.

4) Sustainability

How does sustainability relate to healthcare design? Healthcare facility needs represent a real drain on resources. Designers are aiming for conservation of resources such as water and power inside and out.

When it comes to choosing the right materials, products or solutions for a medical facility, dental office or any healthcare application, where do you begin? A cohesive background, floors and walls, layered with other design elements will shape the environment. Lea Ceramiche porcelain and ceramic tile with Microban ™ antibacterial technology built right-in to offer durable protection against microbial growth, may be the perfect place to start your design.

The featured image is Lea Ceramiche’s Dreaming collection used in an OR Lobby in Orlando, FL.