Wood floors provide the look of elegance, modernity and tradition. In a commercial setting, wood flooring and accent walls bring the warmth, texture and the feel of nature to large open spaces. In smaller spaces, hardwood can both declutter and add visual warmth in the same setting. Amazing. With all the benefits of hardwood what are the downsides?   Wood floors stain. Water damage from leaks, overflows and spills can stain the floors and ruin the look requiring refinishing or replacement. Wood floors scratch. In a commercial setting, you’ll need to refinish the floors on a regular basis to keep them looking pristine. Looking for the wood-look but need flooring that withstands water, stains, humidity, and commercial traffic? With true-to-life graining and shading, ceramic wood look tile brings a range of looks from traditional to rustic that convey age and history, without the maintenance headaches. Are there benefits of wood look tile that aren’t found in natural hardwood? The answer is yes! Using radiant heat to add warmth to a space? Thin ceramic tile is a superior choice because of its low R-value. The lower the R-value, the faster your floor will heat and the warmer it will get. Ceramic and porcelain tile will fit right into to commercial or residential areas where ADA-compliant slip-resistance is critical too. Some tile provides round-the-clock protection against the growth of germs and bacteria for hospital and restaurant projects using Microban® technology. More about this technology advancement will be featured in a later update. In short, today’s porcelain and ceramic wood look tile has the character and beauty to provide timeless visual appeal of wood. Salva Salva