Restrictions often ignite innovation, and this couldn’t be more true for some of the trends that we are seeing for 2022. With a greater awareness for the environment, a desire for quality products, changing work habits, and the quarantine behind us, our needs are changing, and as a result so are architectural designs. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s hottest trends.



More and more people are looking to use high quality, luxury materials for their projects, yet not all have the necessary budget to allow for both complex designs and luxury products. To appease such clients who are asking more from their budgets, architects are simplifying their designs by turning to one of the cornerstones of modern architecture: minimalism, as its simple designs and lack of extra decor allows clients to save money and dedicate more on luxury, quality materials. The “less is more” motto is true in this case: clean design details bring the focus on the materials’ quality and essence.



After a seemingly endless lockdown, there has perhaps never been such a desire for the great outdoors. The inability to get out into nature during the quarantine sparked a desire to bring the outdoors in, and designers have been responding with incredible results. Particularly in warmer regions, people are opting for indoor/outdoor kitchens, living rooms – even bathrooms! Using full-length windows is one way of allowing natural light to enter living spaces and create a sense of openness and oneness with the outside world. Spaces are being made for trees to be planted inside buildings. Even garden buildings are on the rise, with walls and rooftops doubling as a way to pass the time caring for and growing herbs and vegetables. Creating luxurious spaces where nature is present creates a sense of pureness and well-being, which is why this trend is likely here to stay.


Multi-functional homes

Open spaces in architecture have long been the going trend with homes and offices; however, the lockdown has changed that. With months of confinement, the role of the home has changed as an increasing number of people are working remotely. This has brought with it the need to have separate spaces, a space dedicated to professionals who need to have their zoom meetings without interfering background noise, a space where children can play, where teenagers can relax, where one can dedicate time to themselves. Never before have we seen such an influx in creating designated spaces for all of our individual activities as well as for wellness and privacy. 



Sustainable architecture has been a hot trend for several years, and it’s not going away any time soon as it has become a necessity and a requirement as much as it has been desirable to be eco-friendly, so architects are going further than the already set trends. The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector is the largest polluting industry in the world, which is why professionals in the field are dedicated to creating low or zero carbon emitting buildings. In fact, many are taking the trend further: to design buildings which actually reduce emissions. Using local, natural materials, turning to vernacular technologies and design, maximizing energy efficiency and utilizing green construction methods are all ways in which architects and designers are committing to the health of the planet.


Terracotta is an example of a sustainable building material which is being increasingly favored by today’s eco-conscious architects. We partner with one of the top Made in Italy terracotta brands, Il Ferrone. This historic company combines 40 years of expertise and artisanal methods with innovative technologies and novel approaches to design. Their wide range of terracotta products can satisfy both classic and modern tastes and are ideal both indoors and outdoors. Not only does terracotta pair perfectly with other materials such as glass, metal, and wood to create exciting contemporary designs, it is also 100% natural and recyclable, it is durable, requires no maintenance, offers sound insulation, and naturally keeps environments cool in the summer. To see more of what Il Ferrone can offer for your sustainable building project, click here:


Another step in sustainable building is that of renovation, a hot trend for 2022. Beside  focusing on new construction, builders are also putting more effort into renovating abandoned or unused buildings with spectacular results. The old is united with the new, resulting in exciting, cutting-edge looks and designs while at the same time bringing life back to abandoned neighborhoods and industrial areas. In addition, favoring renovation has both an economic and an ecological advantage, saving building owners money and the environment with up to 70% reduction in carbon emissions. 


The only constant in life is change, and we at Atlantic Link are constantly on the search for the most innovative eco-friendly luxury building materials that are trending on the market. Contact us today to find out how we can help you realize your trending project today with luxury brands such as Il Ferrone and more!

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