The choice of windows and doors is crucial for architects and designers not only in terms of functionality and aesthetics but also for insulation, temperature control, and more. Choosing the right material, therefore, is about more than cost; it is also about making sure the product lasts, is sustainable, and is resistant to chemical agents, funghi, and water. Fortunately such materials exist in the form of PVC and aluminum.


Why PVC?

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is an extremely versatile, highly recyclable, and affordable plastic, used for everything from medical equipment to sporting gear, yet it is most widely used in construction. In fact, 70% of this eco-compatible material produced in Europe is used for building materials such as pipes, roofing membranes, flooring, window profiles, doors, and more. It is made from raw materials and has a low impact on the environment, making it ideal for the eco-conscious builder. In addition, PVC is an extremely durable material and is both water-repellant and acts as a flame retardant to enhance the safety of homes and buildings. And thanks to its malleability, this plastic is ideal for creating elements with complex forms. PVC is particularly useful for making doors and windows and is, in fact, the leading European material for windows thanks to its affordability, its energy-saving effectiveness, and for being 100% recyclable.

In conclusion, PVC offers high quality, cost-effective, sustainable building and construction products that last. 


Why aluminum?

Aluminum is the third most abundant element on the planet and the second most used material in construction; however, it is also one of the newest materials in the sector, having been introduced in the 20th century for its use in Art Deco architecture. The material took off after it was used for the Empire State building and is now used everywhere from roofing to doors and windows. 


Not only is aluminum lightweight, it is also incredibly strong and versatile, making it the ideal material for sophisticated architecture. In addition, it is also water, chemical, and flame resistant and saves energy thanks to its ability to reflect light. Finally, aluminum is a flexible and adaptable material, so it is ideal for creating uniquely shaped objects of any color. Using doors and windows made from this versatile material is a building choice which will guarantee high quality, lasting results for contemporary architecture.


Piva Group

As professionals in the building sector, we believe in working with vendors who offer high quality and sustainable products that last. That is why we chose to work with Piva Group, a company which offers the best of Made in Italy doors and windows made from both PVC and aluminum. Their search for excellence through constant innovation is evident in their products which can be personalized to the needs of even the most unique designs.


To find out more about what using Piva Group’s doors and windows can mean for your project, contact us today!

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