A home is more than just a place where we reside. It’s a place where memories are made, where special moments take place, where we should have a sense of well-being. A place where, when we walk through the front door we sigh and say, “It’s good to be home.” 


What turns a house into a home begins with the materials used to construct it. We use high-quality, natural decorative surfaces to complement our clients’ personalities and create a curated design, and bring a sense of wellness right into our clients’ homes. This is the philosophy of CP Parquet, our trusted partner of 100% Made in Italy hardwood floors. When you choose from CP Parquet’s wide range of quality wood, you will feel the positive energy  emanating from the sustainably produced panels, as well as the passion from the artisans who make them. Their wide range of wood types will appease all aesthetic tastes. Here’s why choosing this Italian brand is a wise choice for turning your house into a home.


Who is CP Parquet? 

CP Parquet is 40 years of passion, values, expertise and a vision for functionality and beauty with the aim of creating harmonious, sustainable hardwood floors. Their philosophy is that the energy of nature combines with the energy of those who work it, resulting in a final product which provides a sense of wellbeing in any setting. 


Since its inception, CP Parquet has had a strong connection with its territory and for combining traditional, hand-made woodworking with innovative products, such as their noted three-layered boards. Their engineered wood floors are made with passion and care, resulting in international recognition. And those who choose to use their products  can rest assured that they are utilizing a sustainable floor  for their home: CP Parquet has received environmental certification, guaranteeing that their wood floors are ecologically sourced and produced. This awareness and value for the environment is evident in the well-being that is created with their hardwood floors.


Installation and maintenance 


Proper planning and installation is fundamental for the success of your hardwood floor. Thanks to CP Parquet’s excellent engineering, the wood boards can be easily and precisely laid and, even better, they last a lifetime. Here are several ways in which these hardwood floors can be installed:


  • Glued boards. Glue needs to be applied to a clean, dry surface
  • “Floating” installation. This method can be used on any surface which can support either static or dynamic weight. The boards are laid on a vapor barrier  that act also as  acoustic insulation


Maintaining the integrity of our environment creates reciprocal well-being, as we feel equally taken care of when we care for our home. Like our own health, wood floors need to be treated with care, and with a few specialty non-toxic products. With proper maintenance, the integrity of your hardwood floors can be maintained for a lifetime. 

The environment in which we work and reside coincides with our quality of life. To ensure you have a sense of well-being, choose products which adorn your home with luxury and positive energy. CP Parquet is the perfect place to start.

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