Our previous post covered  the initial steps to take to realize your building or -renovation project. (If you missed it, you can check out From Concept to Conception, part 1 here.) You now have a clearer idea of what you want, how and where to make it happen, and what we offer to help you through the beginning stages of realizing your project. Now let’s take a look at some of the other important steps  needed to take your project from design to construction – and beyond!


Design development

You already have a rough concept of your design; now it’s time to refine it. During this phase, you will need to make sure that your design measurements take into consideration elements such as circulation, daylight and furniture measurements as well as local regulations such as ventilation, window placement, etc. In addition, you will need a detailed plan of measurements, fixtures, openings, and spaces for appliances which will allow you to get a more accurate quote for materials and finishes.

And speaking of materials, you will need to create a timeline for them, especially if you want to use the best of Italian products to create a quality, luxurious and long-lasting project (if you haven’t read our guide to ordering materials with foreign providers, we recommend that you take advantage of this priceless information by downloading it free-of-charge here). Fortunately, as written in our free download, we can save you valuable time and money thanks to our excellent professional relationship with many Italian manufacturers.

And finally, you’ll need to compare the detailed design with the budget that you have set and make any necessary adjustments.

Getting approval/construction documentation

The next step requires getting official approval of your project by your local council. There is typically an application process to obtain this, and if you follow these steps then you will already be well-informed of the building regulations and requirements in your area.

Next, you’ll need detailed construction documentation so that you can begin to negotiate prices with various builders and ultimately be able to choose the best one for your needs. Included in these documents are technical drawings, written quality specifications for materials and work, and a timeline indicating a detailed list of materials, finishings, appliances, etc. Again, thanks to our assistance in the previous phases, you will already be ahead of the game at this point, as we will have already helped you choose the best materials for your project, all within your budget and timeline.


Contractor selection/construction administration

Once your project is approved and you have detailed construction documentation, then you can begin to contract for your builder of choice and begin construction. Keep in mind that the more detailed your documentation, the more smoothly the construction process will go. It is important, then, to plan ahead so that you can be prepared in the event of potential problems. We will help you even in this area, as our extensive experience and expertise mean that we can foresee potential problems and help you plan and prepare for them so that you can go into the building phase with confidence.

The construction administration is exactly what it sounds like: monitoring and administering the construction site to make sure that your timeline, as well as the necessary building practices, are being respected.



When construction is complete enough to be able to move in, that doesn’t mean that the work is done. It’s important to note that most builders will give you a year after the project is complete to pay them the total compensation in case there are any defects to the construction. And we are not exempt from this! Once materials are purchased from us, we will remain by your side after the building is complete should anything unexpected happen with any of the materials that we provided. That means speaking with the providers and ensuring that issues are resolved, saving you the headache!

So, as you can see, there are many stages involved in realizing your dream project from design to construction, but there’s no need to feel discouraged, as you don’t have to go at it alone! We will walk by your side from A to Z, help you step-by-step, to ensure that the process goes smoothly. And to professional architects and interior designers who are already familiar with the stages of building, we are your ally in speeding up the choice of quality, innovative, sustainable Made in Italy products for you and for your clients.

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