Architecture comes in many forms, with designs based on the needs of the client, the environment, the community, etc. Visuvius famously wrote 2,000 years ago that one of the three foundations of architecture is functionality and must include utilitas – usability, firmitas – firmness/durability, and venustas, or beauty. Therefore, it could be argued that functional architecture actually goes farther than its previously narrow, utilitarian view.

Functional architecture then, can encompass more than just a building’s purpose and function. Here we’ll look at how.


Utility function

The utility of a building is the first of Visuvius’ components for functional design and is perhaps the first element which comes to mind when we think of functional architecture. The definition of functional design is the usability of a structure, of how it can serve the homeowner, consumer or population in terms of their needs. Therefore, in functional architecture, the design must be created based on the purpose of utility.

We at Atlantic Link strongly believe in this aspect of functional architecture, which is why all of our products serve a specific, useful purpose for the end design of a structure. 


Environmental function

While early functional design as it was applied in the early 20th century had little thought for the environment, today, with the precarious conditions of climate change, the topic of sustainability has made an enormous impact on functional architecture. The current climate crisis is making us even more aware of our carbon footprint, which is why it is important to consider buildings’ environmental functions. That is why we adhere to working with vendors who manufacture sustainable building materials, guaranteeing clients energy-saving functionality, maximized thermal performance, and easy maintenance. These environmental functions lower lifelong costs and enhance efficiency, saving clients money in the immediate and long-run while at the same time safeguarding the environment.


Durability function

While it is important that building materials serve their intended purpose, it is also important that they last. Our suppliers use only the best materials available on the market in terms of utility, aesthetics, and durability. Our products are resistant to aging and to the elements so that clients can rest assured that they will have long-lasting results. Furthermore, we believe in the European concept of saving and reusing materials, rather than purchasing cheap materials that must be discarded and replaced frequently. 


Aesthetic function

While the modern view of functional architecture tended to shun aesthetics in design, as Visuvius mentioned 2,000 years ago, beauty is actually one of the three necessary elements of functional architecture. By nature, we tend to value what is beautiful, therefore we will take greater care of our living or working space if it is deemed aesthetically pleasing. This, in turn, extends its functional life. 


As you can see, functional architecture is about more than creating designs  solely to fulfill a certain purpose. Instead, it means taking into consideration the structure’s durability, economic and environmental impacts, and yes –  aesthetic aspect. We believe in the benefits of functional architecture because, as Visuvius made clear, utility is just one of the core elements of functional design.

Functional design products

At Atlantic Link, we understand the importance of all these elements of functional design, which is why we take care to choose luxury Made in Italy brands, such as Bongio, which offer some of the most functional, lasting, and beautiful products on the market. Bongio is a prestigious company that combines innovation with functionality, style, creativity, and artisanal care to create lasting faucets which will not only save money thanks to their water efficient engineering, but will also be the source of conversation due to their unique, on-of-a-kind designs.

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