Grolla Marble comes from the earth, produced by the forces of nature over time. Grolla Marble’s technical mechanical characteristics make the material particularly resistant to frost, atmospheric agents, and salt water and is appropriate for several outdoor uses. In addition to these characteristics, Grolla Marble offers natural beauty and legacy.

According to Marmi Faedo, Atlantic Link’s supplier for Grolla Marble to the US, this marble is,

…not just an outstanding material, but an extraordinary wealth of memory, a key to interpretation of the transformations, history and changes that have affected the area.

The people at Marmi Faedo understand the importance of carefully managing this natural resource which comes from a quarry located on a mountain not far from the company’s headquarters.

To understand the legacy of Grolla Marble, one must get to know the quarry and the family that owns and manages it.

About the Family & Company

The Grolla Marble is extracted in the Cornedo-Valdagno Valley (Vicenza), from the marble quarry owned by the Faedo Family for three generations. Angelo Faedo, the great-grandfather of the present day CEO Nicola Faedo, was an employee at the quarry over 60 years ago. Angelo took on more responsibilities, and now the quarry is owned by his family. Today there are 30 employees.

The family behind Marmi Faedo are:

  • Nicola Faedo, the CEO. He is responsible for sales and marketing.
  • Alessandro Faedo, Owner and Nicola’s father. He knows how to harvest stone from the quarry.
  • Isa Marri, takes care of office work and Nicola’s mother.
  • Francesca Faedo, also takes care of office work and Nicola’s daughter.

Over the past 60 years, Marmi Faedo has expanded from offering marble tiles and slabs to include other marble materials. In order to add value, they created huge custom pieces, and took advantage of unique properties of the materials. Today they create façades, rainscreens, and custom bathtubs.

About the Quarry & Grolla Marble

When people visit the quarry, they are most surprised by the beauty of the material, and the ability of the employees to extract the material from the earth and preserve its beauty.

Grolla marble’s beauty is timeless and can be seen in projects of historical value as well as significant modern-day projects.

Historical buildings with Grolla Marble

  • Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City
  • “Liston” Piazza Brà in the Verona Arena
  • “Italia” theatre (interior and exterior) in Venice
  • Columns in Piazza DeI Signori in Vicenza
  • The basement of Duomo in Vicenza

Modern projects by Marmi Faedo

  • Sheraton Hotel in Algeria
  • Bank branch in Russia
  • Directional building in Washington DC
  • International City in Lyone (interior and exterior) project made by Renzo Piano
  • Lungo viale and plaza in Lido of Venice
  • Central Bank in Canada

To learn more about Grolla Marble, see also Grolla Marble for Outdoor Use. If you want to learn more about Grolla Marble for your project, here is a convenient form for contacting Atlantic Link.