It’s true that there’s no place like home, in particular when your home is custom built or when a part of it has been customized. Engaging in a home renovation project, such as installing hardwood floors, can be exciting for the satisfaction that comes from improving your home yourself. For those who have never taken on a home improvement project such as this, there’s no need to panic; if you choose the right brand such as Garbelotto, installing your dream hardwood floors can be easier than you would ever imagine. Here we’ll take a look at how.


Who is Garbelotto?

What began as an artisanal wood shop by one man in 1950 has expanded to become one of    the leaders of hardwood floors in Italy as well as on an international level. This family-run business relies not only on 70 years of expertise but also values the highest quality wood, sustainable production, and innovative technologies. This 100% Made in Italy brand engineers planks with extra care to all aspects of construction guaranteeing results so that floors last a lifetime. But it is Garbelotto’s ingenious “clip up” system which makes these hardwood floors ideal for do-it-yourself projects. 


What is the “Clip Up System”?

Garbelotto’s revolutionary patented “Clip Up System®” is providing homeowners a stress-free option for installing their own hardwood floors. There is a thin version that could be used to go over existing floors without trimming doors. Wood panels are simply placed onto polymer clips which create perfectly vertical and horizontal lines adaptable to any environment. No glue or magnets are necessary, so there is no exposure to toxic materials, and the floors, like any engineered prefinished wood 

can be immediately walked on once installed. With this new system there is not even need to wait for the glue to dry, and thanks to this innovative system, boards can be reused and individual boards can even be removed and replaced if need be with no noise or dust in a matter of seconds. . While a homeowner might take good care of its engineered wood floor and an occasional sanding is good enough to restore the original conditions, the benefits of replacing quickly individual boards is particularly useful in rental situations, commercial spaces where traditional maintenance is a major inconvenience that need to be performed off hours, since it takes time, make noise and dust.

A sustainable solution

Garbelotto’s hardwood floors, including the polymer clips, are 100% recyclable, and since individual boards can be easily replaced, there is no  waste. This system has a class one certification for fire resistance, and the wood comes from FSC certified forests, ensuring wood which comes from sources which guarantee controlled reforestation. Finally, Garbelotto’s products have an EPD status – Environment Product Declaration, which means every phase of production, from the procurement to the production practices, are analyzed for their environmental impact.

Choosing Garbelotto as the brand for your hardwood floors, not only means choosing excellence for the quality, durability, sustainability and certification of the product but, also guarantees an easy, fool-proof system for installing it on your own! To learn more about Garbelotto hardwood floors, click here. To learn more about the installation, you can view our instructional videos here.

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