Italian design has become synonymous with quality, tradition, and luxury. It’s known and admired around the world to the point where architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni has said that “Quite simply, we are the best” and that “We have more imagination, more culture, and are better mediators between the past and the future.” And it’s no lie that Italian design still, to this day, has a ripple all around the globe. But what makes it so iconic?

Iconic Handmade Design

There is something about Italian design that speaks to a wide audience, catching their eye and enthralling them. It could be because there is a simplicity and ease to the way Italians design, combined with their use of color and tradition. Italian design differs from other countries because of its handmade tradition. This may be what makes it sit head and shoulders above the rest. There is a deep-seated history all along the Italian peninsula that is passed down from one generation to another through their hands. They have their own way of making cheese, stitching leather, and working metal, among many other things. 

When we think about Italy, all those accumulated years of tradition come to mind. A simple chair holds more weight and the food tastes more delicious because we know the work behind the item. In addition, the artisanal quality of a lot of Italian goods adds value, which makes it more luxurious. 

Materials that stand the test of time

When it comes to materials, like marble and terracotta, the feelings are similar. Why is Italian terracotta different and more highly regarded than others in the world? Besides its unique natural characteristics of the Impruneta Clay for being frost resistant, another important reason is the long-lasting traditions behind it, (used since the Etruscans and the Romans) which make it more valuable in our eyes. Italian goods are also considered high-quality and therefore worth investing in. 

At Atlantic Link we love bringing the best of Italy to the US market. We know that Italian materials are considered one of the best in the world and want to make it easy for architects, sales associates, and contractors to use them in their projects. We have more than 20 years of experience consulting and importing goods from Italy, and we want you to exploit this to  impress your clients. 

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