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Curtain walls are one of the most significant elements of modern architecture that have become very popular as they offer high performance solutions to new and refurbished buildings.

These systems minimize air and water infiltration by balancing the wind pressure. These systems are faster to install than traditional masonry and can be assembled in production plants as curtain walls hanging the whole wall on the buildings with cranes.


Modern structures feature creative and extremely efficient curtain wall systems comprising of stone,  marble, stoneware porcelainand laminated porcelain slabs.

Curtain walls are very light architectural solutions that perform all architectural functions of common facades.

Curtain walls can withstand rain, wind and bad weather. It is one of the most evolutionary systems in the building industry. This architectural solution is an efficient and complete solution.

...and advantageous

Advantages of curtain walls include thermal and acoustic insulation. This system is a good solution for many different construction types. It allows you to dress every facades style. Curtain walls have a light load-bearing and are easy to set. The result is original and respects the designer’ s vision due to the versatility of curtain walls. Curtain wall systems can also be applied as a cover-up. This building solution can be integrated completely into the environment; it doesnt upset the landscape.

Exterior wall coatings are specific coats formulated for exterior buildings surfaces. They primarily have two main functions. First, they provide an attractive finish to the exterior of a building. Second, they provide low maintenance and long life structure.

Exterior wall coatings available in different textures and materials. They are made by stone, or terracotta slabs, or ceramic slabs or marble. The use of a texture can really add character to the building.

This system is a perfect solution to restore an old and damaged structure.

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