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Laminated gres porcelain is a valid solution in projects where you cannot use marble, stone or other natural material. Atlantic Link suggests using laminated porcelain stoneware in 3 or 5 mm thickness because it is extremely versatile and has resolved many challenges in the field of interior design. Ideal for coating doors, the invisible wardrobe doors, fireplaces, and other surfaces.

In every interior project, comprensives to tiling in bathrooms and kitchens, is possible customize every single design element
which is includes in these spaces.

Laminated gres porcelain isnt just for tiling kitchens and bath rooms, but possibly for almost any designsuch as in these spaces shown. Cutting, drilling, and shaping the slabs is extremely easy. Due to the high firing temperature in production, the surface of these slabs is resistant to high heat. In addition, porcelain stoneware does not absorb liquids, does not retain dirt, and never retains odors. Many of them are also treated with antibacterial properties.

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