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In recent years the construction industry has discovered the value of engineered hardwood. Engineered wood has many advantages over solid hardwood. The construction technique for engineered wood is more sustainable than traditional hardwood since  material is not wasted by sanding after installation.  Engineered wood is suitable for different uses: has better sound absorptions, offers higher value for its cost, and  is better resistant than solid wood. It is also  better resistant to humidity. Hardwood, both solid and engineered, promotes good air quality in all spaces.

Atlantic Link provides the most beautiful engineered wood in the US. Atlantic Link’s partner for engineered hardwood, CP Parquet and Garbelotto makes flooring with real wood from the top layer to the bottom so that it will last a lifetime.

Hardwood flooring is appropriate for every setting: public places, offices and private homes.

Atlantic link has engineered wood flooring available that is particularly appropriate for large  areas. There is a wood species for every need.

Certified Product

Closed to raw materials

Water Resistant

Low CO2 Emission


Green Material


For interiors, there are many different hardwood finishes, from light colors of Fir and Maple to dark colors like Wengè and American Walnut.

Wood processing is dependent upon desired results and style. You can choose planed hardwood carved with irregular effect or antiqued hardwood or pressed hardwood to make it more resistant.

Wood is the most adaptable material. It works well for kitchen floors and can make a space very inviting. Parquet, being a natural material, is among the most beautiful expressions of modern designs and is both organic and eco-sustainable. Engineered wood can also be used to clad doors, walls, and stairs and can coordinate well with many other designs and furniture styles.  Stained options are available to help designers achieve a specific mood, such as the rustic mood created with stained walls and moldings. 


… and Exteriors

Wood is a suitable material also for Exterior application but only Solid not Engineered, some of the most resistant and common species for decks are: ash, teak or walnut. For outdoor installations, wood is treated with a protective coating to prevent aging.

Wood is used for patio flooring,  particularly wood floor decks and swimming pool decks: just like boat decking, and pairs well with other pool materials such as stone or mosaic tiles.

Garbelotto Clip-up Installation

Clip Up is an innovative and patented installation system that can be an alternative to the same version of T&G engineered wood allowing even individual planks to be quickly replaced as necessary if damaged, with no need for sanding and scraping. Ideal for commercial environment and pop up locations.

Clip Up System® will ensure a fast installation, and the floor will be immediately walkable. And the rooms will be furnished at once!

Visit Clip Up System® for more information.

The Idea

The innovative patented laying system Clip Up System® is available in 1/2” and 5/8” thickness. The 1/2” thinner one in particular is suitable to tile over most existing floors, particularly useful for renovations, raising the floor level only slightly, and does not usually require the modification of door gaps.

Clip Up System® laying is recommended also for temporary locations like Pop up stores and Trade Show booths as well as offices and environments that require cables run underneath the floors  so that if needed you can just remove the boards, fix the problem and reposition them. 

Atlantic Link serves architects and interior designers as a valuable resource for project support and quality building materials.