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In recent years the construction industry has discovered the value of engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood has many advantages of solid hardwood. This sustainable material is suitable for different uses: it can block out sound, it offers high value for the cost and it is highly resistant. Engineered hardwood is light to transport, it’s an anti-seismic material and it is resistant to humidity. Engineered hardwood promotes good air quality in all spaces.

Atlantic Link provides the most beautiful engineered hardwood in the US. Atlantic Link’s partner for engineered hardwood, CP Parquet, makes flooring with real wood from the top layer to the bottom so that it will last a lifetime.

Hardwood flooring is appropriate for every setting: public places, offices and private homes.

Atlantic link has available engineered wood flooring that is particularly appropriate for big surface areas. There is a wood species for every need.

You can choose engineered hardwood flooring for interiors and exteriors.

Certified Product

Closed to raw materials

Water Resistant

Low CO2 Emission


Green Material


For interiors, there are many different hardwood finishes, from light colors of Fir and Maple to dark colors like Wengè and American Walnut

Wood processing is dependent upon desired results and style. You can choose planed hardwood carved with irregular effect or antiqued hardwood or pressed hardwood to make it more resistant.

Wood is the most adaptable material. It works well for hardwood kitchen floors and can make a space very comfortable. Parquet is the most beautiful expression of modern designs that are organic and eco-sustainable. Engineered hardwood is also adapt for doors, wallcoverings, stairs and many other building components.

Italian designers in particular like stained wood for rustic interior doors, wooden interior walls and wooden interior shutters.

Wood is one of the most contemporary, modern, high-value and solid material, therefor it’s frequently used for interiors.

... and Exteriors

For exteriors there are different wood types, for example decking ash, decking teak or walnut flooring. For outdoor installations, wood is treated with a protective coating to prevent the ageing.

Wood is used for patio flooring or veranda decking and it’s particularly appropriate for wood floor decks and swimming pool decks because it’s similar to boat decking and pairs well with other pool materials such as stone or mosaic tiles.

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