Bongio was born from the intuition of its founder, Mario Bongio, who in 1936 opened a small manufacturing business in Alzo di Pella on the shores of Lake Orta.

From its very onset, the company chooses to pursue a path of innovation, quality and design that have formed its creative DNA, combining functionality, style, technology and a handcrafted care for details.

True to the spirit of its founder, Bongio has evolved under the management of his son, Antonio Bongio, to the point of becoming a signature brand of Made in Italy in the world, manufacturing iconic products and developing hundreds of prestigious projects.

Certified Product

Closed to raw materials

Weather Resistant

Low CO2 Emission


Green Material


Bongio’s products are the recipients of numerous international certifications, awarding and recognizing their technologically innovative qualities, ensuring high functionality and efficiency, as well as energy saving performances.


Energy Economy System is a balanced combination of design and innovation, promoting and achieving a responsible use of water.

Sinks & Showers

We represent a company that specializes in the production and supply of contemporary bathroom furnishing accessories including sinks, tubs, and shower columns.

Born 20 years ago, it has evolved into a firm belief in the training of its staff and in the search for the most innovative production techniques to ensure the customer an excellent product.


The concept of quality goes beyond the care and dedication with which we think, design and build each model. There is a careful selection of technology and high-performance materials, assembled with experience and mastery of industry professionals.

Quality is the highest expression of the work they do, and have been doing with passion for the past 20 years, which is why they care so much about every single production aspect, as well as the human relationships with their artisans, and sales network to offer the ultimate expression of Italian craftsmanship. The customer is followed every step of the way from the consultation at product selection to the after sale service.


Products are created from materials that are entirely conceived, studied and manufactured in their laboratories.

Their proprietary formula results from research and experimentation. Their aim is excellence in technical performance and absolute esthetical perfection. Experience taught that this can be reached only by combining the most modern production technologies with the meticulous handwork of specialized artisans. For all of these reasons, our partner is like a family with the common aim of guaranteeing style and Italian manufacture in order to offer wellness masterpieces.

Our partner for shower trays is dedicated to the creation of shower trays, made of resin materials, mineral fillers and Gel Coat, a highly resistant antibacterial material prepared for your personal use, in addition to sinks and bathroom furniture.

The main objectives are quality, product, price, and offering the best service day after day.

From modern 18,000 m2 facilities, our partner produces shower trays and bathroom furniture with the most innovative machinery, following and complying with the most demanding quality certificates. Their production capacity allows them to respond to the most demanding requests.

These reasons are why Atlantic Link decided to include Bongio, Duplach and Relax among their portfolio of brands exemplifying the high-end Italian craftsman we bring to US projects.

Atlantic Link serves architects and interior designers as a valuable resource for project support and quality building materials.