Silvelox, Atlantic Link’s partner for Garage and entry doors, was established in 1961 and boasts a strong craftsmanship heritage. The company blends the love of timber, unrivaled expertise, and advanced technology to create products which are manufactured with an excellent eye for detail. All of these can be custom-made and feature original, industry-leading designs.

Certified Product

Closed to raw materials

Water Resistant

Low CO2 Emission


Green Material

Secur up-and-over doors

Silvelox’s technology has been improved throughout its nearly 60 years of business to ensure it maintains a strong manufacturing flexibility to meet the varied needs of its customers. The garage doors use a unique up-and-over mechanism with a self-lifting system, meaning there are no unsightly ceiling tracks to ensure the garage remains clean and elegant.

Overlap sectional doors

What’s more, Silvelox now offers SECURLAP, a sectional garage door in various wood and metal finishes, utilising a double counterweight opening mechanism. Allowing for space optimization, the doors also possess a non-visible electro-mechanical operator which is embedded into the head-bar.

Not to speak about the entrance doors which are offered in a unique array of aesthetic options and performances to respond to specific architectural and consumer expectations.

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