A balance between flexibility and rigidity inspires architects and designers to create achievements of value. From the linearity of Etruscan and Roman monuments to the skyscrapers of Manhattan, stone is always synonymous with glamour, elegance, simplicity, and versatility that elevate the art of building. Italian natural marble is appreciated all over the world for its beauty, versatility and quality. Atlantic Link introduces and markets high-end European products in the US, especially Italian marble, and offers architects and designers the choice of several materials coming from different parts of Italy and Greece. 

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Green Material


For modern architectural projects you can choose a few different kinds of marble, like traditional travertine or botticino, especially in floor tiles formats suitable to realize indoor flooring or malls. Carrara marble, Calacatta and Statuary marbles are used for innovative, stylish, and elegant interiors, as well as public spaces (hotels, airports, stores ….) but also to create sculptures and artistic creations. Granite and quartz are very appropriate for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity countertops, because they are natural materials that are very strong and resistant to chemical attacks. Atlantic Link offers you continual assistance in selecting the best architectural solution from a wide selection of marble colors (blue, pink, red, green…. white and black).

...and Exteriors

Atlantic Link listens to you to understand fully your technical, aesthetic and marble design requirements for exterior solutions. Marble has numerous applications for structural and decorative purposes. It is used for outdoor sculpture, external walls, floor coverings, decorations, stairs, pools and pavements. Marble is considered the stone of the emperors and gods. The majority of prehistoric monuments were made of marble. Marble has decorated the corridors of cathedrals and historical places. Marble tiles cover the floors of the affluent and also beautifies the baths of many homeowners.

These tiles are either polished or honed. Polished tiles provide a stylish appearance, though are extremely slippery when wet. Honed tiles offer more grip and are considered safer for walking. Several treatments can slow the marble deterioration process. Marble is vulnerable to etching and staining by water and chemicals, for which appropriate advanced sealants have been developed to reduce this risk considerably.

Marble, onyx, granite and travertine are extracted and processed according to their physical and mechanical properties and colour tones to provide you with the best possible solution for your project. Atlantic Link listens to you to understand fully your technical, aesthetic and design requirements and provides. Marble is available in slab to use on wallcovering and flooring, in block for sculpture and artifact realizations, in chips and in tile in particular for the external and internal decorative flooring.

Atlantic Link serves architects and interior designers as a valuable resource for project support and quality building materials.