Are you an architect or designer?

Are you developing a project that needs mosaic for your home, your pool or your spa?

Atlantic Link offers a stylish and contemporary approach to covering a wall or floor with mosaic. Whether  tiling an entire bathroom, or creating a captivating kitchen backsplash, mosaics are very versatile, and are incredibly easy to cut to size.

Atlantic Link offers a range of different beautiful and colorful mosaic tiles, perfect for creating a customized look and stylish finish for your projects. Glass, marble, stone, ceramic, metal—a wide range of material possibilities for different projects.

Certified Product

Closed to raw materials

Water Resistant

Low CO2 Emission


Green Material


Explore the expressive potential of mosaic tiles, with the aid of an all-Italian production system that combines innovative techniques with an impressive mosaic culture and tradition, specializing and investing in the quality of materials and technology and researching personalized applications and solutions.

Atlantic Link offers mosaics with a variety of chip sizes, in 4, 6, and 8 mm thicknesses. Innovation in form and material selection, as well as a wide variety and extension of range, characterize mosaics. All of the collections guarantee the utmost flexibility and, in many cases, are preconceived to be mixed and matched, becoming a multifaceted matrix that inspires the creation of personalized projects for residential and commercial interiors. Mosaic tiles are perfect for a traditional uses such as a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. The architect can design a unique and customize effect with a mosaic floor tiles.

...and design

Inserts for making your mosaic dreams come true.

Thinking is creating, and industrial mosaic expresses the language of art in personalized projects or designer panels.

Atlantic Link partners with Mosaico+ for its reliability and because it is part of the Mapei group, a leader in chemical adhesives.

Atlantic Link has the expertise to support designers  in their projects with our business expertise, our technical and organizational experience.


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Atlantic Link serves architects and interior designers as a valuable resource for project support and quality building materials.