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Cut-up design CARDO + Massimo Nadalini is a collection of full-body porcelain stoneware suitable for indoor and outdoor use on both floors and walls.
Cut-up comes in pre-cut, 8,5 mm thick modules the surfaces of which feature portions with different textures. Once they have been laid and grouted, the modules are no longer legible and the surface becomes a complex combination of different elements, shapes and dimensions.

Mosaico+ offers materials for interior design.

Each of the 20 material groups is divided into 10 large color families for easier identification:

The relationships between materials form the basic language of architecture.

Mosaico+ has created 10 colour families, including matching elements: a chromatic abacus which can be used to construct every interior design project.

Mist sets out to explore a new way of perceiving mosaic.
The laws of visual perception, and the pattern’s visual order, are manipulated in a kind of trompe l’oeil, giving the surface a more seamless continuity through space.

Thanks to the different joint sizes, two orders of elements – one horizontal and the other vertical – are visually overlapped on two levels; which one the eye perceives will depend on the viewpoint.

Sticks – design Massimo Nadalini – is a system of matter+texture+sizes+colors allowing any floor or wall surface to be rendered truly individual.
The sticks are subdivided several times into smaller sizes (10 mmx300 mm, 10 mmx100 mm) and mesh-mounted, completely transforming the initial surface.

P-saico – design Studio Irvine – features random-effect installation with a joint varying from 2 mm to 6 mm. Every chip has an irregular surface, generating a three-dimensional tactile impression.
The initial inspiration was Opus Incertum, with its regular randomness generated by the combination of installation and surface.

With Quilt – design Studio Irvine – the traditional mosaic chip is expanded in size to create contemporary visual effects which can be personalised every time, just like a hand-stitched piece. The different colors and textures available enhance this potential.

Quilt is a stoneware mosaic in which the modules can be installed uniformly, for a geometrical effect, or at random, in an uneven layout that recalls antique Venetian Seminato pavings.

The new range from Mosaico+ takes a fresh approach, extending the material’s expressive potentials and the languages used to convey them.

Jointed is a new collection that represents Mosaico+ revolution, going beyond the modularity of the mosaic chip and its repetition across the surface through the potential for breaking down every single element in 5 different ways.

Diamond goes beyond the concept of patterns to inhabit space itself. It evokes the architecture of places of worship, with cathedral glass with vein patterns steeped in history, and references modern architecture with the Art Deco of the Chrysler Building by William Van Alen and the pure geometry of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Cromie are formed by mixing chips of the same size in different Mosaico+ materials.
The random arrangement of the colors and material characteristics of the chips give the shades great dynamism, in a game of reflections and shadows, glossy and matt surfaces.

AS 100

High performance white cement based adhesive, with no vertical slip and extended open time, for glass, ceramic and marble mosaics on floor and wall.


Latex admixture inducing elasticity for AS 100

Two-component, decorative epoxy mortar for grouting and bonding of all types of mosaics

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