According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) our actions and choices impact the environment. Each thing we do can help or hurt sustainability and  our planet. For those reasons, the EPA encourages sustainable building design


When it comes to making choices about building or renovation there are plenty of acceptable environmentally friendly flooring materials to choose from. Most flooring options have some “green” credentials, but you’ll need to consider how sustainable they are against alternatives.

Atlantic Link helps you improve your indoor environmental quality by providing you with the best suggestions to get your home healthier. One way to get your home healthier is by using the best eco-friendly flooring materials.


Atlantic Link’s Greener Living Suggestion for November: CP Parquet Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Exclusive natural wood layers from top to bottom: CP Parquet produces floors made of 3layer boards to ensure maximum stability that lasts a lifetime. Three cross-over layers are also available in large formats planks that absorb variations in temperature and humidity.
Zero impact production process: CP’s production process results in no waste, because CP reuses sawdust and wood chips for powering kilns and dryers; in addition, CP produces wood pellets for domestic heating.

We recommend CP Parquet – Eco-friendly Natural wooden flooring -100% Made in Italy for your home or your project for the following reasons:

Nature and beauty of real parquet enhanced by hand finishing.

Nature’s essence and purity in your home with respect to the environment.

Great attention to details: for the health and harmony of those who live in your home.
Maxi-size parquet: up to 2400 cm length in the most fashionable colors and wood species to meet all requirements of the market in compliance with stability and safety.
100% sustainable: all products by CP Parquet are made with the most environmentally friendly material, only high-end wood species coming from controlled forests, without harmful substances added. For its natural wood floorboards, CP Parquet has been awarded a wooden medal in the Greenpeace guide to an eco-conscious choice of parquet flooring.
Zero: harmful volatile substances in the environment and rooms, for a healthy and safe home. Zero waste disposal costs, as it is completely recyclable.
Certifications: CP parquet’s production processes follow strict rules and its natural wooden floorboards achieved quality and environmental certifications ISO 9001 – ISO 14001-ISO 16001 by the most authoritative Italian and International certification bodies.
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