Italian Engineered Hardwood Flooring That Endures and Exceeds Expectations

Hardwood floors have long been popular for commercial and residential projects due to wood’s natural warmth.

Italian Engineered Hardwood flooring by CP Parquet, our partner, has the same warm appearance as solid wood, along with these benefits.

1. Highly sustainable, created with renewable resources being completely made from real wood.
2. Made from real wood from top to bottom.
3. CP Parquet flooring is completely authentic. 3-layer flat boards are made with the same species on the top and bottom layer. The core layer is also made of real wood.
4. Comes in fashionable designs and colors.
5. Italian engineered hardwood flooring that endures a lifetime, always remaining attractive years after installation.
6. CP Parquet guarantees excellence.
7. Made in Italy where there is a culture of quality craftsmanship and we have deep roots.
8. Thousands of options from combinations of many species, shapes, colors, finishes, and treatments.
9. Choose from 2 or 3 layer boards depending on room characteristics, desired board size, and desired quality.

CP Parquet creates hardwood flooring that endures made with real wood.

Topic: Engineered Hardwood Floors

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