For thousands of years Marble has been sought after for buildings, monuments and temples. Some of the oldest Architectural Structures in Europe and Asia are made of marble. Marble also has had its place in the US. The most iconic structures in the US capitol are made of marble: the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the White House. 

Clearly marble is a high quality, enduring Architectural material. And yet more modern materials have been used in place of marble in recent years. While these man-made materials are the best choice for some projects, there are advantages that make marble the best value for other high-end projects. 

Notably natural stone is very versatile and suitable for unlimited combinations of decorative styles. The properties marble has always had combined with modern stone cutting technology result in details in coping, borders and shapes that cannot easily or cost-effectively be achieved with other materials. 
The bath tub in the featured image above was made entirely of one piece of stone with no seams, a detail that high-end clients appreciate.
For centuries, marble has been found in the quarries of Northern Italy. 
Atlantic Link takes pride in being an supplier of Italian marble to US. In addition to managing your project along with our partner Marmi Faedo, a family-owned Italian marble producer, Atlantic Link can consult in the right type of marble for your specific project. There are many varieties of marble, each variety suitable for different types of applications. 
Marmi Faedo is the only company in the world to extract Grolla Marble. Grolla Marble is ideal for outdoor flooring solution , as well as ventilated facades or curtain walls. 
It is also easy to work with, making it ideal for custom works of art such as the aforementioned bathtub. Some examples of special works: modular systems for freestanding walls, columns that are 100 cm diameter, fountains, bathtubs, extraordinarily long bathroom countertops, all of them carved from single blocks of Grolla marble
Its distinctive features are represented by the vast collection of surfaces finishings with different tactile and visual sensations.
Selecting the right surface finishings for specific Architectural applications requires expertise from someone with unique experience in managing all stages of building projects. In case of custom made projects, Atlantic Link will follow you along with Marmi Faedo’s designers and craftsmen at all stages of development, from design, to processing of the block, until the realization and, if necessary, the installation of the work.
This is an overview of Grolla Marble’s advantages. For a consultation on your specific project, contact us here