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Raised floors is a detachable and removable system. It consists of a supporting structure and panels that allow easy access for inspecting concealed parts of the structure and form a walkable surface with porcelain, marble or laminated porcelain slabs.

Atlantic Link provides customized solutions designed and manufactured for any use. Raised floors adapt to all environments and become the ideal solution for restoring old buildings as they allow you to reposition and to refurbish obsolete spaces, transforming them into technologically advanced environments with a focus on comfort.

The modular raised floor system has all the requirements essential for modern smart buildings which are highly eco-friendly and LEED / BREEAM certified. Many module types, as well as finished floor heights, are available, such as anti-seismic and sound insulating, dry heating systems or sealed for hospitals, cleanrooms or residences. The performances of a raised floor system are defined by the Standard UNI EN 12825:2003.

Raised floors have a high content of recycled material and offers excellent acoustic comfort to both airborne and impact noise. It is fire-resistant, does not store electrostatic charges, and highly resistant to damage from the impact of dropped items. The modular raised floor can be produced with adjustable shims and supports so as to optimize the space for wiring and

This architectural system for paving floors is available in multiple formats, also rectangular, integrated and inter-connectible. It can be produced upon request in a special anti-seismic version.

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