Architectural Solutions / Stairs

Indoor and outdoor stair designs aim at creating architectural solutions meant to last through time ensuring safety and enduring excellence. Fully conforming to all of this, Atlantic Link offers diversified options in different high-quality materials, satisfying both aesthetic and architectural needs: terracotta, marble, tile, stone, wood and also some innovative solutions such as laminated porcelain slabs.

Stairs are a very important part of a building. New staircases must be beautiful and functional elements of architecture.

Atlantic Link offers you different staircase ideas in line with your taste. If you like modern staircase you can choose laminated gres staircase or wooden staircase.

Modern staircase designs also include a stair banister and the most functional material for it: wood, oak or glass. Other different characteristics represent classic staircase designs for interior or outdoor stairs, like wood stain and spiral staircase or circular staircase. Typical materials for classical and modern stairs are marble, ceramic or stone. Stairs for homes can be curved or circular.

beautiful staircase distinguishes an architectural building. Beyond beauty, mechanical resistance and stability are critical to ensure safety. Interior stairs must be made by beautiful and practical elements.

Exterior stairs need to be made of resistant and skid-proof materials.

Atlantic Link serves architects and interior designers as a valuable resource for project support and quality building materials.