Terracotta is a type of ceramic made from special red and brown clays. This material is shaped into the desired tile design and then is allowed to dry. After that, it is fired, either in a kiln or in a combustible pit. Firing the clay makes it hard, and durable, allowing it to serve as flooring. It can then be glazed to make it impervious to stains, sealed to protect it from damage, or left untreated in its natural state. The reason that most people purchase terracotta flooring is for the beauty and colors of the red and earthen hues.

Atlantic Link offers all the styles, formats, surface finishes and color options of terracotta floor tiles, wall tiles, and special pieces made by Il Ferrone. A world of diversity characterized by inimitable products blending the centuries-old tradition of hand-made terracotta with the advantages of continuing technological innovation and design research. All under the banner of quality.

Certified Product

Closed to raw materials

Water Resistant

Low CO2 Emission


Green Material

A selection of products designed to cover a wide range of uses for interiors for both commercial and residential projects including kitchens and bathrooms, stairs, gardens and terraces.

Terracotta tends to have an old world charm that can encompass an entire room when used as flooring. The material has a rough, rustic feel to it, which is both rugged and subdued all at once. This can be minimized, or emphasized, by purchasing handmade or machine cut pieces. This material is a great choice for rustic or natural settings, as well as log cabin style decors. It is popular in living rooms, kitchen backsplash, and as flooring for enclosed porches. Warmer than stone or glazed ceramic, it is also perfect for a hearth and home earth tone decor.?

Unique, valued, and durable products of extraordinary character and versatility.

Atlantic Link is a reference point for the supply of European products in the US, especially of Italian marble, and offers to architects and designers the choice of several kinds of materials coming from different parts of Italy and Greece.

Atlantic Link serves architects and interior designers as a valuable resource for project support and quality building materials.