Becoming more and more fashionable, natural stone has made a modern comeback in the world of interior design and in big-projects, thanks to its peculiarities and surface variations, making natural stone suitable for unlimited combinations of decorative styles .
In fact, architects and designers are incorporating natural stone more frequently into their projects because of its great design impact as well as its countless cutting-edge finishing-touches, realized by modern stone cutting-machines and increasingly intricate modern surface finishings.
In particular “Grolla marble” is a fine traditional Italian marble, extracted from a quarry in Grolla, near the city of Vicenza, an exclusive property of the Faedo family . The Grolla marble has an extensive quality and high performance, making it suitable for many applications besides the traditional concepts.
In particular Grolla Marble is ideal for outdoor flooring solution , as well as ventilated facades or curtain walls. However its distinctive features are represented by the vast collection of surfaces finishings with different tactile and visual sensations, ideal for creating artful combinations of contrasting elements and achieving extremely contemporary solutions.
Finally a remarkable aspect is the potential of marble to create tailor-made elements, art objects and unique masterpieces. The Grolla marble is easy to work with, for the realization of custom made solutions and for the creation of personal works of art.
Some examples of realized special works:  modular systems for freestanding walls, columns that are 100 cm diameter, fountains, bathtubs, bathroom countertops of extraordinary length, all of them carved from single blocks of Grolla marble
For more information about Grolla marble or for any other inquiry,  you can contact us under the following contact form. In case of custom made projects, Atlantic Link will follow you along with designers and craftsmen of Marmi Faedo at all stages of development, from design, to processing of the block, until the realization and, if necessary, the installation of the work.