Client Testimonials

“Giorgio matched flooring that had been custom made for and installed by the building developer a handful of years ago.

…the floors are a perfect match. 

I thought that we’d be stuck waiting endlessly for the material since it was coming from Italy, but Giorgio was in touch throughout the process and we got what we needed when we needed it.

All around a great experience.”

Jessica M.

Project Manager, NYC Construction Company

“The overall experience of these products has been pretty positive… It’s a floating floor… It’s very easy to install… It’s very quick; we pretty much did this 5,000 sq. ft. showroom in less than 3 days.

This has been here almost a year now… it looks amazing and we have a lot of traffic in here. It’s very highly scratch-resistant.”

Carlo P.

4 Mori Construction

“I appreciate any opportunity to talk about these topics. I loved your presentation on the Basilica, in particular.”

David G.

Architect, NYC

“I can’t ignore… good quality selection… We are a team together. If you compromise on good quality and reasonable prices, it won’t work. If I can’t represent your material well and introduce it well to the market, it won’t work. I think we complete each other. We are a good team.”

Ertan T.

General Manager, Major Stone and Tile Distributor

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