• Piva Group was set up in 1986 to manufacture insulation panels and doors and windows made of various combinations of materials, aluminum and PVC for the building trade.
  • The search for new techniques to develop innovative products has made Piva a brand known worldwide
  • Today, Piva is a prestigious name in the building trade thanks to its production versatility, its product quality and its wealth of experience.

Certified Product

Closed to raw materials

Weather Resistant

Low CO2 Emission


Green Material

Why Choose a Piva Product

  • Research and Innovation – Two essential cornerstones to improve the production processes and the supply chain of the company, helping to strengthen and expand its market.
  • Planning and Design – Design solutions ranging from classic to modern, a wide choice of shapes, finishes and colours, innovative accessories, high-quality raw materials to furnish functional spaces with care and attention.
  • Customer Service – An integral part of the sales process, customer care and support in all aspects and initiatives, to understand the customer’s real needs and create a satisfied customer.
  • Guarantee – Consumer protection with rules and transparency of information.

Piva’s performance

Acoustic Insulation – The Piva Group products, thanks to the quality of profiles used, installation of soundproof glazing, excellent workmanship and possibility of integrating insulated panels, offer excellent acoustic insulation performance.

Thermal insulation – Constant research and technological development allowed Piva Group to create products that can reduce the indoor/outdoor thermal exchange. This allows improving both the distribution of the temperature in the rooms and obtaining significant energy savings throughout the year.

Lighting – Piva Group installs insulating glazings with high light transmittance thus ensuring maximum brightness, transparency, energy saving and comfort.

Ventilation – Tilt and turn window provided as standard featuring a controlled ventilation system for energy efficient air exchange and correct air humidity.

Safety – Burglar-resistant releases, burglar-resistant and vandal-resistant glazings and fireproof panels can be installed on request.

Zero Maintenance – Sun, rain, salt and humidity do not alter the resistance characteristics of PVC, which only requires standard cleaning.


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